Which are the Popular Places to Find Hotels in Darjeeling?

Which are the Popular Places to Find Hotels in Darjeeling?


Traveling to Darjeeling is something like going close to nature by witnessing the sunrise at Tiger hill or enjoying the best view of Kanchenjunga with a cup of tea. Exploring Darjeeling will give some good reasons to love your life with the exotic locations and enchanting landscapes filled with happiness and glory. For a long time, Darjeeling attracts people across the globe for its beauty and charm. Let's see what are the popular hotels in Darjeeling.

During the rule of the British Empire, Darjeeling was the summer capital of India and you will find those buildings and monuments that remind you of that era. Generally, people find difficulty in choosing the best location to stay in Darjeeling and here we come out with the solution by providing information about the places that offer you some of the best hotels in Darjeeling and nearby areas.

Popular places to find hotels in Darjeeling

Chauk Bazaar

Hotels in Darjeeling

Chauk Bazaar is one of the busiest places in Darjeeling but you will find a feel in the gathering of tourists along with the local people. Everyone is busy with shopping and try to manage their livelihood. Some people find this place suitable because it is easily communicable and helps people to find hotels very easily. Golden Orchid, Sanderling Hotel, Hotel Sonar Bangla are some of the options that offer you the finest accommodation with modern amenities.

H.D. Lama Road

H.D. Lama Road is one of the most popular places to stay in Darjeeling as the road is connected with Big Bazaar, multiplex and plenty of hotel options at affordable rates. If you are looking for a lavish and luxurious stay then also this place is suitable for you. Riddhi Siddhi Residency, Seven Seventeen, Omega Residency, and Hotel Marvel International are some of the popular hotels located in this area. During the evening you can roam around the nearby areas to witness the beauty of Darjeeling town. Laden La Road is very near to H.D Lama Road that also offers some of the exquisite options.


Hotels in Chowrasta

Chowrasta is considered as the heart of Darjeeling and gives you a better option for accommodation. By walking through the mall road you can reach Chowrasta which is an ultimate place for a get-together for tourists as well as for local people. You will find the Bhutia market very near to Chowrasta where you can enjoy shopping and have fun with your friends. Visiting Mahakal Mandir is also possible to walk from Chowrasta. Hotel Juniper, Hotel North Star, The Queenz, Sumitel Suites, and Hotel Everest Glory are some of the popular hotels in Darjeeling that are located in this area.

Gandhi Road

Hotel in Gandhi Road

Gandhi Road is far away from the chaos and noises by giving you a pleasant stay in the lap of nature. Most of the expensive hotels in Darjeeling are situated in Gandhi Road. You can start your day by watching the view of Kanchenjunga and get lost into the beauty of nature that showers spiritual vibes. People find this place quite impressive by feeling the true essence of nature. Ramada, Sinclairs, Hotel Mayfair, and Mount Himalayan Resort are some of the big names that take the best care of you during your stay in the Queen of hills.

Jalapahar Road

Hotels in Darjeeling

Jalapahar Road is a famous locality in Darjeeling and looks so beautiful in the morning. Some of the major landmarks associated with this place are raj Bhavan and Botanical Garden. You can experience adventure activities by visiting Jalapahar which is blessed with nature's treasures. 5 stars hotels in Jalapahar allow tourists to feel the best things about Darjeeling. Luxurious accommodation and warm hospitality of these hotels will give you the chance to make your holiday more exciting and memorable. Summit Grace Hotel & Spa is considered one of the popular hotels in Jalapahar that attracts so many tourists throughout the year.

From exploring the destination to getting lost in the wildness of nature, you will find Darjeeling as the best place for making your vacation remarkable. Hotels in Darjeeling will give you the comfort and pleasure to feel the best part of the town and its surroundings instead of getting any trouble.  

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