Hotels Most Appropriate For A Transient Remain

Hotels Most Appropriate For A Transient Remain


The transient stay refers to the hotel stay by making their own reservations. This kind of stay usually happens when the guests are looking for a short stay. While making the reservations, the transient guest has direct contact with the hotel. It happens either with walk-ins, online reservations or phone reservations. The best hotels in Siliguri offers the transient stay in the most likeable fashion. These guests usually look for the normal and basic qualities in the hotels. They also tend to pay at a higher rate and are more likely to upgrade into a suite.

Table of Contents:

  • What hotel qualities are needed for transient stay?
  • Quick reservation process
  • Supportive hotel staffs
  • Luxury at its best
  • Short stay offerings
  • Communication should be flexible
  • Conclusion

What hotel qualities are needed for transient stay?

Quick reservation process

Usually, the transient guests look for hotel rooms in a rush. Therefore, the reservation system should be really quick to anticipate the situation. The best hotels in Siliguri has got really good and well-performing reservation system. If the reservation is done quickly then, that can be considered as the first impression.

Supportive hotel staffs

Yes, of course, the hotel staffs have to be supportive for all. But for the transient guests, they have to be extra sharper with their service. It will be upon the management to make the staff members sharp and alert to help out the transient guests.  

Luxury at its best

Regardless of their staying time or days, the hotels should be able to provide the most luxurious facilities. The best hotels in Siliguri offers every luxurious service and facility on demand. In addition, the complementary services should also be included for transient guests satisfaction.

Short stay offerings

There will be guests who might only stay for a couple of days. Sometimes the guest might be the one who is looking for only a night stay at the hotel. For them, the reservation should be done as early as possible. The hospitality and accommodation for these guests should also be upto the mark.

Communication should be flexible

The communication must be good from the hotel side either before or after the reservation. In this thing, the best hotels in Siliguri are always on top. But still, the management team have to look whether there is some barrier in communication or not.

These are the qualities which the best hotels in Siliguri have got stored for the transient guests. The transient stay is one of the most in-demand services in hotels so, the qualities have to be there.

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