Visit the Famous Hot Springs of Sikkim

Visit the Famous Hot Springs of Sikkim


Soak into the goodness of the relaxing hot springs of Sikkim. You might not have included this in your Sikkim trip but if you knew the power and health benefits of hot springs, you would never miss the golden opportunity. Plan a vacation to the exuberant hilly landscapes and include the hot spring trail in them. Book your stay at one of the best hotels in Gangtok for greater experience and a leisure trip.

Why should you visit and soak into the hot springs?

Amid the soulful adventures into the roads of Sikkim, you must make some time for your health. Dip into the hot springs and feel the calm running into your body and mind. The soaking will only add grace to your trip. The health benefits of hot springs are

  • Relaxes the cardiovascular muscles and can actually treat some heart ailments
  • The potassium-rich content helps in healing many skin problems
  • It releases the muscle cramps and relaxes your physical strains and muscle fatigue.
  • Not only to the physical body, it magically detoxifies the mind to produce a state of no-stress
  • Some of the hot springs are sacred and help to cleanse and purify your soul

The famous Hot Springs of Sikkim

Hot springs are one of the most wonderful creations of nature and Sikkim is full of surprises designed by nature itself. Even in the extreme cold climates, the hot springs maintain a boiling temperature is only an amazing creation.

Visit the hot springs of Sikkim. Stay at the capital city as it is convenient. Book the best of hotels in Gangtok.

Enjoy hot spring with staying best hotels in Gangtok

Reshi Hot Spring

Located near Reshi, this hot spring is rich in sulphur and is popular in treating skin ailments. The locality is considered sacred by the locals and tourists stay here for overnight.

Ralong Hot Spring

Located at 4 km from the Naya Bazaar, this hot spring hold a religious value and is an exquisite site for enjoying faunal spotting. It is also a bird watcher's paradise.

Borong Hot Spring

Located in close proximity to the Ralong hot spring, it is one of the most popular hot springs in the Northeast. The spot witnesses many tourists and I believed to have real healing powers. The aura itself is so peaceful.

Yumthang Hot Spring

Near the Yumthang village, this site will have your heart. You need to walk through the beautiful village of Yumthang and reach up to this spot. It is rich in sulphur and hydrogen that acts as a blessing for your skin.

There are many more. Learn about the exciting places of interest in the best hill station of Northeast. Stay at the best hotels in Gangtok and experience living with luxury yet close to nature.

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