Visit 10 Secret Places near Darjeeling for a Memorable Vacation in Hills

Visit 10 Secret Places near Darjeeling for a Memorable Vacation in Hills


Spread in ribbons over a steep mountain ridge and towered over by the majestic Khangchendzonga Darjeeling is among the best hill stations in India.

Darjeeling-'Abode of Clouds'

Darjeeling, 'Queen of the Hills' is an enduring hill station in the state of West Bengal located at the foothills of Himalayas. Bejeweled by snow-capped mountains, greenery landscapes, gushing waterfall, eye-catching sunrise viewpoint, cascading river stream, rich flora & fauna, Darjeeling has everything in its stock. However, there are many places situated around the Darjeeling, which are quite unknown to many nature lovers. We will give you the information about those places through this blog.

How to Reach Darjeeling?

Nearest Airport- Bagdogra Airport (95 km away) Nearest Railway Station- New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (68.7 km away) After reaching the airport or NJP, you will get several hired taxis or cabs to reach Darjeeling.Mall Road is among the best areas to stay in Darjeeling. You can choose for a night halt in hotels in Siliguri and the next day you can start your tour to Darjeeling.

Hidden Gems in Darjeeling That You Must Visit

And the journey starts here-

1. Lamahatta- 'A Romantic Place near Darjeeling'

LAMHATTA Located at an altitude of 6800ft, Lamahatta is a calm & peaceful village surrounded by various alluring pine trees. Seductive gardens, beautiful blossoms of orchids, fluttering prayer flags in a Buddhist Monastery and mind-boggling view of Kanchenjunga- all added more beauty to Lamahatta.


Distance from the Darjeeling: 20 km Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year

2. Manebhanjan-'Junction of Buddhist Stupas'

Manebhanjan has a unique ambiance which will soothe your soul. It is famous among the visitors for serving as the gateway to Singalila National Park. This park is the highest altitude park in West Bengal and it houses several trekking routes towards the Sandakphu. For this, it must be explored by every tourist.


Distance from the city: 24.2 km Best Time to Visit: October to December

3. Lepchajagat-'A place offers a pictorial view of Kanchenjunga'


It is another hidden jewel around Darjeeling, where the rush of tourist is comparatively less. As its name implies, 'Lepcha' and 'Jagat' means 'world', so it is referred to as the 'World of Lepchas'. With immense serenity, less traffic and eye-catching views of Kanchenjunga, Lepchajagat is an ideal place for those people who are looking for solitude.


Distance from the city: 13.1 km Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year

4. Tinchuley - 'A serene place with alpine trees'

Sprawled with lush green valleys of alpine forest, Tinchuley is one of the delightful secret places near Darjeeling. This alpine forest houses several colorful exotic birds which calm your soul by their chattering. Don't miss the beauty of this tranquil village.


Distance from the city: 26.2 km Best Time to Visit: September to December

5. Bara Mangwa - 'A quaint hamlet of West Bengal'

bara mangwa

Surrounded by lush orange orchards, Bara Mangwa is the most iconic secret places near Darjeeling. The bewitching beauty of this town will surely give heartwarming feelings if you are a first-time traveler to this place. Fill your soul with freshening air of this place.


Distance from the city: 36 km Best Time to Visit: November to February

6. Chatakpur - 'Gem of Sonada District'

Located at an elevation of 7,888ft, Chatakpur is hilltop village above the Sonada district which allures your mind surely with its majestic beauty. The unique location of Chatakpur will give you a mesmerizing sight of snow-capped mountains along with lush green forest. You must include this place in your itinerary if you are a true nature lover.


Distance from the city: 20.7 km Best Time to Visit: Mid October to December

7. Sitong - 'Hub of delicious oranges'


Perched at an altitude of 4000ft, Sitong is a quaint secret place in North Bengal. Surrounded by the orange orchard, Sitong is also known as the orange village. With quaint ambiance and lush green pine forest, you should not skip this place.


Distance from the city: 60 km Best Time to Visit: November- December

8. Rishikhola - 'Dotted by the glittering stream'

Also known as Reshi Khola, it is another popular secret places flanked by sparkling river streams. Rishikhola is one of the enduring places to see by the visitors for its lofty mountain peaks and dense forests.


Distance from the city: 78.8 km Best Time to Visit: March-May

9. Sukhiapokhri - 'Offers surreal vistas of Himalayas'


Nestled amidst the lofty valley of Eastern Himalayas, the road route to Sukhiapokhri offers an astounding scenic journey that creates a memorable trip. The blissful weather of surroundings makes this secret places a unique destination to visit.


Distance from the city: 17 km Best Time to Visit: April to May

10. Ramdhura - 'Beauty in the wild'

Dotted by emerald dense pine forest, Ramdhura is a new found secret destination in West Bengal. The dense forest of this place offers several thrilling trekking routes. So, be an adventure lover, you must come to this place to raise your adrenaline rush.


Distance from the city: 64 km Best Time to Visit: October to December

Spend Your Tour with a Leisure Stay in a hotel-

Darjeeling is not a hub of alluring Mountain View, tea plantation estate, flora & fauna, but it boasts numerous luxurious hotels and restaurants. If you want to wish to explore all these secret places near Darjeeling, you're your comfortable stay in the best hotels in Darjeeling. Among all the Sanderling Hotel, Hotel Sonar Bangla etc are the best hotels in Darjeeling with modern amenities. You can comfortably stay in those hotels along with delicious cuisines.

Popular FAQs-

Q. What are the most famous festivals in Darjeeling? A. The most famous festivals in Darjeeling are Maghe Sankranti, Losar, and Cho Nao Chopa. Q. What are the most mouthwatering foods in Darjeeling? A. The most delicious cuisines in Darjeeling are Nepali Thali, Momos, Thupka, Noodles, Fried Potatoes etc.  

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