Top amenities a hotel must offer every guest in Darjeeling

Top amenities a hotel must offer every guest in Darjeeling


If you are feeling cold, a cup of tea can warm you! If you are feeling exhausted, a cup of tea can cool down things!! You might be thinking why so many quotes on tea. Nothing to think about, Darjeeling is one of the famous tea-producing hill-stations in the world. But along with that, even the beauty of Darjeeling is unmatchable to any other destination in Northeast India.

Do not just visit but stay and enjoy heaven!!

The beauty of Darjeeling is not just to witness but to experience. How!!

  • The lush green tea gardens
  • Travel on your foot or car to the various famous sights
  • Enjoy the toy train ride
  • Experience the life of the locals
  • Capture beautiful views to keep memories
  • Walk up to the Tiger Hill
  • Sit and view the beautiful sunrise, and

Lastly, do not leave the place without sipping a hot cup of Darjeeling tea!! After sightseeing, you start finding good hotels in Darjeeling with proper design and facilities.

How to choose among them!!

In this modern world, everything is changing, even hotels are. They are being developed with new design and amenities around the world. But no matter how many the hotels innovates new designs, there are still some essential amenities which every hotel has. These amenities are sure to meet the requirements and give comfort to the guests.

Let us have a look at it!!

1. Cleanliness:

This is an absolute must which every guest looks for while the time of booking. Whichever hotel it is, the standard of cleanliness must be high enough for a comfortable stay.

2. Adequate security:

For far away travelers, a hotel is a home away from home. So, even there are high expectations on providing better safety and security to the guests.

3. Internet:

Guests at all hotels demand an internet service, especially in business hotels. So, Wi-Fi or even internet service in mandatory for every hotel to have.

4. Comfortable beds:

At the end of the day, every hotel must have the primary need. It provides a place to rest your head, but only if the bed is good, comfortable and well-maintained. This is what every hotel must have!

5. Lighting:

It is a big issue across a lot of hotels. They do not provide proper lights inside the rooms or bedside lamps. So, improved lighting services must be given for proper security.

6. Simple and tasty food:

The availability of food and beverage is a must for every hotel to have. Such as a hot breakfast is a primary offering. Hence, food must be good enough to cater to hotel guests.

7. Check in or Check out:

Nowadays, a front desk check-in and check-out is evolving constantly for a better hotel experience. While these advances are exciting, hotels must keep a better eye on the check-in and check-out service.

Service matters!!

We can conclude by saying service does not have a number but believes in the hospitality of the guests. No matter what the hotel is, all guests expect a warm welcome, a friendly face and attentive service because 'Atithi Devo Bhavah'.  

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