Top 5 Best Things to do on Mall Road when in Darjeeling

Top 5 Best Things to do on Mall Road when in Darjeeling


Darjeeling is also known as 'Queen of the hills' which is famous for alluring weather, lush green tea garden, majestic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, and joyous toy-train ride. Mall road is the heartbeat of Darjeeling, waiting to indulge you in all its delight. It has various budget-friendly hotels, glorious restaurants and shopping opportunities that are going to give you a lifetime experience, so you can eat, sleep and shop here on repeat mode. During the peak summer season, it is the perfect of Darjeeling to explore with your family/ friends or with your better half.

Luxurious hotels nearby Mall Road in Darjeeling-

There are numerous luxurious hotels in Darjeeling near Mall Road which gives you the most comfortable stay with your close one. And if you're staying in Chas Sanderling Hotel, you will get a bonus of experiencing luxury serene morning viewing the green valley and snow-clad peaks all around. You can also enjoy the mall road like never before as it's the nearest hotels in Darjeeling near the mall with reasonable tariff at 1 km distance.

Experiencing best things in Mall Road, Darjeeling-

Here we provide the detailed information about top 5 things to do in the Mall Road that will fill your soul and this experience will remain in your heart forever-

1. Enjoy Thupka at Shangri-La:


Two things we would like you to taste in Darjeeling are the Momos and the Thupka. In the evening, you will see many Momo stalls just in front of Keventers on the other side of the road which is bustling with people. A restaurant in the Mall Road, known as Shangri La is famous for its Thukpa soup with noodles in it. Nepalese Thukpa especially contains chili powder, masala, and noodles which giving it a hot and spicy flavor. The aroma of masala and the taste of green vegetables in a cold climate will blow your mind.

2. Take a Pony Ride of complete Mall Road:


Mall road in Darjeeling is not only about Chowrasta but more beyond that. Many tourists don't bother to explore the areas around Chowrasta because it is always a difficult task to walk around the mall road. Thanks to the pony's ride. You can book a Pony Ride around the whole mall road covering many places such as Bhanu Bhawan, Governor House, and Mahakal Market. Price of Pony Ride for a complete Mall Road Ride- INR 200

3. Sip a Real Coffee at Himalayan Java Coffee:


You get to have some nice smelling strong coffee at Himalayan Java Coffee on the right side of the road towards Chowrasta. This coffee shop is located on the first floor and there is a cloth store below named Shree Collections. This coffee shop offers loads of coffee choices for the coffee lovers and cafe macchiato is famous among those.

4. Shop at Chowk Bazaar:

Shopping on the mall road is a common activity among many tourists. Among the shopping markets, Chowk Bazaar is one of the famous markets which is situated on the reverse side of mall road towards Chowrasta. Woolen items can be purchased at reasonable prices from Chowk Bazaar. There are also shopping complexes in Chowk Bazaar named Mahakal Market and Dragon Market where you will get many unique souvenirs to take back home.

5. Trek to Mahakal Temple from Chowrasta's right side road:


Mahakal Temple is a Lord Shiva temple near Chowrasta and is situated over the Observatory hill. A trek to Mahakal may be a healthy exercise as well as a chance to visit a beautiful temple and it is considered as one of the best things to do near Mall Road in Darjeeling. You can take some snaps on the way to temple.

Don't miss the charm of vibrant Mall Road in Darjeeling-

Darjeeling is not just a place for its panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga but it is a place with it's beautiful as well as serene Mall Road. The Mall Road gets its life in the evening time with crowded people and its colorful food shops. So, whenever you are making a plan to visit Darjeeling, it is recommended you should not miss the charm of Mall Road.

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