Things to Remember About Hotels during Your Winter Trip to Darjeeling

Things to Remember About Hotels during Your Winter Trip to Darjeeling


Surrounded by roaring Teesta River and the Mahananda Rivers, Darjeeling provides mind-boggling views of mighty Mt. Kanchenjunga.

Darjeeling- 'Dazzling Kanchenjunga Overlooks its Beauty'

Perched at an elevation of 6,700ft, Darjeeling is an enduring hill station which is located at the foothills of Himalayas. From high mountains peaks to undulating plains, from mesmerizing landscapes to eye-catching sunrise viewpoint, Darjeeling has everything in its stock. So, don't waste time and get ready for your next trip to Darjeeling.

Important Tips for Choosing Hotels in Winter Months!!

It is well known that every traveler research about various accommodation options before commencing a trip. Best hotels in Darjeeling, India must be equipped with basic amenities for their guests' comfortable stay during winter months. Please do proper check below mentioned things before check-into a hotel in Darjeeling during winter-

1. Must Have a Room heater!!

Darjeeling is a hill station and of course during winter months it gets cooler. So, get assure about the room heater before selecting the particular hotel.

2. Water Geyser for Hot Bath!!

Water Geyser is another important aspect that every hotel must be acquired with. Otherwise, it is impossible to bath in such a hill station during winter.

3. Rooms with an Eye-catching Sight!!

Eye catching sight

Darjeeling is famous for decked in numerous alluring snow-capped mountains and vast landscapes. Before selecting your room, make sure your room offers a clear view of mountain peaks as well as snowfall.

4. Be Sure About Double Blanket!!

If you are too sensitive to cold, make sure your hotel agree to give you an extra blanket for the night. Extra blankets sometimes more require if you are traveling with your kids or aged persons.

5. Need for Slippers Too!!

Some hotels offer slippers, some not. Get confirmed about it from your hotels for your comfortable stay during winter seasons.

6. Don't Skip The Advantage Of Mini Bar!!

Mini Bar

There are many cheap as well best hotels present in Darjeeling that equipped with a small mini bar at rooms. Do proper research about before selecting the final one.

7. Hot Drinking Water on Demand!!

It is quite obvious that the water will be very cold in Darjeeling during winter months and it can be difficult to drink it. So, before the final selection, it is advisable to state your preference of hot water for drinking.

8. Carpet on the Floor for a Bonus!!

if your hotel's room adorned with carpets on the floor, what could be better than this for a warm stay in the winter season, Right? You can go through some online websites for checking this. With the all above-mentioned amenities, you will get various economy hotels in Darjeeling with a reasonable tariff for a memorable stay.

Popular FAQs-

Q. What is the temperature of Darjeeling in December? A. The average temperature of Darjeeling in December ranges from 2.5°C to 11.2°C. At this time Darjeeling town turns into a snowy fairyland. Q. Which are the best adventure sports in Darjeeling? A. The most enthralling activities to do in Darjeeling Paragliding, Trekking, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, River-Rafting etc.  

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