How The Hotel Industry Takes Steps Against Corona?

How The Hotel Industry Takes Steps Against Corona?


The hotels in Darjeeling have taken considerate steps and promised to stick with rules of lockdown.
Who knew the nation and the whole world would have to see a situation and crisis like the present ongoing scenario? The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has taken a heavy toll, not only in the health aspect of citizens, but also in the socio-economic parts as well. Currently, the entire nation is dealing with complete lockdown extension with an uncertainty of the time period. However, the good news is that our government has taken immediate steps at the right time and we all must acknowledge the efforts by sticking religiously to the preventive rules stated by the highly authorized. The hotel industries are one of the top sectors to be economically affected in this time of pandemic. Nevertheless, as an aware individual, the idea of health comes first makes complete sense today.

The Hotel Industry in this time of COVID-19 outbreak

As per the lockdown rules, hotels and the non-essential commodities need to be shut down. The hotels in Darjeeling displays their contribution in the time of crisis by abiding to the regulations as it is the demand of the situation. The only way to eradicate the highly-contagious virus is social distancing. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every individual and industry to contribute their bit to the early recovery of this pandemic. Although, the economic downfall is the negative side of this coin, but it is not the need of the hour.

Sticking to some rules not only in the present but also in future

As we already know, the contagious nature of the coronavirus and its capacity to spread quickly over a large land, we all must be extra careful in the upcoming time period. There are cases of re-infection reported in a few countries. Therefore, the hotel industry in particular can lay certain guidelines for their employees and serve as an example for the mass.

Till the lockdown continues

  • Keep the hotels entirely closed until next guidelines by the government. The guidelines are meant to be based on thoroughly researched analysis by the esteemed authorities.
  • Encourage the employees to maintain the quarantine phase along with their families.
  • Support your team, even the low-pay employees. This might be a hard time on you as well, but as long as you have your team, the voids can be covered.
  • If you are fortunate enough to help the needy by any means, do take such chances with complete care and protection.
  • Most importantly, keep yourself sanitized and isolated.

Post lockdown

  • Get a complete sanitization of your hotel building including rooms and other areas.
  • Do not allow the employees without masks and frequent hand sanitization.
  • Keep extra check on the food and kitchen hygiene.
  • Make sure your visitors are free from flu-like symptoms.

Last but not least, you must know that every little precaution matters.

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