Tea-Bungalows in Darjeeling for a Relishing Stay Amidst Natural Beauty

Tea-Bungalows in Darjeeling for a Relishing Stay Amidst Natural Beauty


Now-a-days Tea Tourism is the most unique concept in the world and undoubtedly Darjeeling is taking a lead in this case!

And why not? After all, Darjeeling is the Mecca of tea estates known as the "Champagne of Teas" to the world. Home to almost 80 tea gardens, Darjeeling is the ultimate place for tea lovers.

Joy of Toy-Train!!


The Queen of Hills in North Eastern India, Darjeeling is a perfect combo of snowy Himalayan ranges, valleys, monastery, momos, tea plantations and ofcourse toy train. Amidst the splendid hills, the dense vegetation, and panoramic vistas guarantee a vacation to cherish forever.

If you are planning a trip to north-east, you should start with Darjeeling for a remarkable experience!

Tea-Bungalows, the Ultimate Glory of Darjeeling!!

If you are a person to discover something unique like me, you can enjoy staying at the tea bungalows of Darjeeling.

And these below-mentioned features make tea bungalows truly unique. Let's check out-

  •    The strategic location of bungalow gives the opportunity to get a glimpse of the mighty Himalayas and lush green tea gardens in a single frame.
  •    You can also taste the freshly brewed cup of tea in the morning.
  •    Enjoy the charismatic view of sunrise near the hills from your window.
  •    Moreover, enjoy a delicious breakfast with the local cuisine.

Wait, There Is Something More

  •   Go around for bird watching
  •   In the evening, you can enjoy local dance or music programs.
  •   Spend some quality time in Spa with your partner or enjoy cycling.
  •   You take a stroll through the garden to see how they pluck the two leaves with a bud.
  •   You are also invited to learn about tea processing in the factory.

Wow! Such a bounty of beauty!


What to Remember

Before you are thinking of Bungalows, you should know-

  •   That staying in bungalows is not like staying in a five-star luxury hotel.
  •   Some bungalows have introduced TVs in the rooms, others prefer not to so that you are never detached from nature.
  •   Moreover, you won't get luxurious amenities in a tea bungalow such as restaurants, gym, 24-hours room service etc.

So, think twice before you choose if are a luxury-fond traveler.

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