Safety tips to remember when a landslide occurs during a trip to Darjeeling

Safety tips to remember when a landslide occurs during a trip to Darjeeling

Darjeeling is the most famous of the old colonial hill-stations. The cool atmosphere of Darjeeling makes it an opportunity for tourists to escape from the sweltering heat during the summers. The town is well-known for tea plantations all over the world. Darjeeling is nestled among the grand ranges of Mt. Kanchenjunga. This little town surrounded by hills and picturesque sceneries and staying in the hotels in Darjeeling will leave an everlasting impression in your hearts.

Factors which causes a landslide

landslides The term landslide refers to the downward movement of large masses of rocks, soil, mud, and organic debris. Areas with steep slopes are mostly prone to landslide hazards. Landslides are mostly caused by multiple factors that act together to destabilize the slope. They are:

Natural Causes of Landslide

  • Climate
  • Erosion
  • Weathering
  • Volcanoes
  • Forest Fires

Human causes of landslide

  • Mining
  • Clear cutting

Harmful effects of landslides

There are many effects of landslides which causes a huge harm to the environment.

1. Economic Decline:

Landslides certainly cause damage to land and property which brings a huge loss to the affected place. Economic rehabilitation is also needed by the other countries for the affected place and this would cost a lot more to the other non-affected areas.

2. Infrastructural damage:

Landslides can also cause huge damage to the infrastructure present in that area. Buildings, roads, parks and places of leisure can also get harmed during the occurrence of a landslide.

3. Changes in the landscape surface:

This natural calamity can cause significant changes in the landscape of the earth's surface. The pile of soil or mud due to the landslide causes the high ground to become flat and the settling sediment becomes thick and the water level becomes higher and the ground becomes waterlogged areas.

Tips to remember during a landslide:

The following are the things you can do to protect yourself during a landslide while being on a Darjeeling trip.
  • You must stay alert and awake during a severe storm.
  • Listen to the local news station on a battery-powered radio for warnings of heavy rainfall.
  • Do not leave the room of your hotel.
  • Be cautious and alert if you are driving.
  • Listen for unusual sounds that might indicate trees cracking or debris is flowing.
  • Move away from the path of the landslide as quickly as possible.
  • Avoid river valleys and low-lying areas.
  • Be alert of any sudden increase or decrease in water flow to notice any changes.

Safety is the main priority

A landslide can cause huge damage to the land and beauty of nature and during a trip to Darjeeling; it becomes difficult to visit the destinations in this hill-station. So, it is advisable not to visit Darjeeling during heavy rainfall season. However, you can visit during the starting of the monsoon season for a clear greenery view of this famous hill-station. Be safe and have an enjoyable vacation!
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