List top 12 picnic spots near Siliguri to visit

List top 12 picnic spots near Siliguri to visit


Picnic spot near siliguri. Are you traveling to Siliguri to spend your weekend or, for a short trip? Find the best hotels in Siliguri town at best and unbeatable deals. The en route to the Northeastern region and the transit base to the hills stations offers a plethora of Siliguri sightseeing places, accommodation facilities at the best hotels in Siliguri, and the wonderful opportunity to explore the nearest hill station from Siliguri.

Snuggled in the bosom of North Bengal, Siliguri is a major commercial region and the second largest city in the northeastern region. Only a small agricultural village in initial days, Siliguri gained prominence as the transit base after the British settlement and occupation in Darjeeling and the entire Dooars. The region gained significance when the British introduced railways in northeast India.

Today, the town stands as the thriving commercial region connecting the rest of India with Northeast and Bhutan. Siliguri not only caters the commercial requirements but also provides a good number of sightseeing and shopping places. There are many serene tourist spots near Siliguri and travelers can find good accommodations at the budget hotels in Siliguri with tariff discounts that suit the backpacking price for Siliguri hotel rates.

If you're looking for an ideal hotel near Siliguri, we recommend CHAS Hotels for your ultimate comfort and the best deals for hotel booking in Siliguri. The hotel offers modern luxury amenities at the best deals and discounts throughout the year. Check the best tourist places near Siliguri below-

1. City Centre- the best-rated mall in Northeast and Sikkim


Location- Matigara Siliguri

Specification- Shopping, Dining, Entertainment

Highlights- Trending and exciting events throughout the year

Entry Fees: Free

Opening hours: 10 am to 10 pm

2. Science Centre- tranquil and best for your kids

Science Centre

Location- Matigara, Siliguri

Specification- Recreational activities and entertainment for kids

Highlights- Greenery and peaceful ambiance all year round

Entry Fees- INR. 20. Extra INR. 10 for vehicles

Opening hours- 10 am to 6:30 pm

3. Dudhia- fascinating picnic spot


Location- Dudhia, Siliguri- Mirik Highway

Specification- offbeat weekend destination

Highlights- picnic spot, excellent sightseeing, angling

Entry Fees- Free

Opening hours- best visited during the day

4. Kali Mandir- Hindu pilgrimage site atop a hill


Location- Sevoke Road, near Coronation Bridge

Specification- Hindu temple and pilgrimage site

Highlights- fantastic location amid the greenery, sightseeing place

Entry Fees- Free

Opening hours- 6am - 7pm

5. Rong Tong- Ideal getaway from the boisterous crowds

Rong Tong

Location- A short drive from Sukna, Siliguri

Specification- peaceful Himalayan hideout

Highlights- tranquil ambiance amid the greenery

Entry Fees- Free

Opening hours- Best visited from morning till 3 pm

6. Suryasen Park- Far from the maddening crowd


Location- Mahakal Pally, near Air View Bus stop

Specification- Recreational Park

Highlights- Boating, train ride for kids, separate space for children to play

Entry Fees- INR 10 for adults and kids above 3 years

Opening hours- 10 am to 6 pm

7. Vega Circle- Shopping mall


Location- Check-post, Sevoke Road, Siliguri

Specification- Shopping, dining, entertainment

Highlights- exciting events all year round

Entry Fees- Free

Opening hours- 10 am - 10pm

8. Savin Kingdom- ideal summer hideout for kids and adults


Location- Darjeeling More, Dagapur, Siliguri

Specification- Water Park, an amusement park for kids and adults

Highlights- Exciting events, unlimited fun, swimming pools

Entry Fees- INR. 60 onwards for adults. INR. 50 Above for kids

Opening hours- 10: 30 am- 7 pm

9. Salugara Monastery- The only Buddhist shrine in Siliguri


Location- Salugara, Siliguri

Specification- Buddhist Temple, Buddhist pilgrimage, the shrine

Highlights- Religious events, peaceful ambiance

Entry Fees- Free

Opening hours- 6 am - 6pm

10. Hongkong Market- the beating heart of Siliguri


Location- Bidhan market, Siliguri

Specification- Shopping, dining

Highlights- goods, and merchandise at a cheap price, you need to learn the bargaining skills

Entry Fees- Free

Opening hours- 9 am - 9 pm

11. Sevoke Coronation Bridge- the historical bridge with a trace of colonial rule

 Sevoke Coronation Bridge

Location- Sevoke Road, Siliguri

Specification- Stunning view of greeneries and Teesta River, sightseeing

Highlights- Constructed by the British, only bridge between Siliguri and the Dooars region

Entry Fees- Free

Opening hours- 24*7 (best at early morning hours)

12. Isckon Temple- the Hindu pilgrimage site


Location- Haiderpara Anchal, Siliguri

Specification- Hindu Temple and sightseeing place, cave featuring heaven and hell

Highlights- Religious events throughout the year, boating for kids

Entry Fees- Free

Opening hours- 6 am to 8 pm

So, mentioned above is the major sightseeing places in Siliguri that can be accessed easily from Chas Hotels. So, enjoy your vacation in Siliguri.

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