New Year- Make the last day of the year special in Darjeeling

New Year- Make the last day of the year special in Darjeeling

Are you planning to celebrate your New Year in Darjeeling? If so, then be sure to plan your vacation well ahead. It is a perfect destination for every traveler to witness the celebration of the New Year.

The celebration of the New Year...

This is the time of the year at which a new calendar year begins. Vibrant fireworks lighting up the sky and a fun-filled excitement gets filled the whole environment. There is no other party than New Year which gives such a massive celebration in Darjeeling. But, you can only witness this excitement and fun by booking the best hotels or resorts in Darjeeling. Hence, it will make your New Year celebration even more grand and memorable.

Some of the ways to celebrate the last day of the year:

New Year's Eve calls for joy, fun, celebration and spending quality time with your loved ones. This is the time to start a fresh year leaving the previous year experiences behind. There are different ways to celebrate the new upcoming year but how can you make it more special.
  • Arrange a bonfire party in the home
  • Plan for the perfect family feast
  • Share your celebration or happiness in an orphanage or old age homes
  • Pack your bags and plan a short trip to some serene place away from the crowd

New Year celebration in Darjeeling:

Due to the wintry and chilled weather of Darjeeling, it is the most ideal place to celebrate your New Year uniquely. But here are some tips to be known before planning your New Year trip to this little but famous town of North Bengal.

1- Learn the local language:

Even though it is not necessary to learn the local language while visiting Darjeeling but it is the most fun part of the trip. You can even impress your friends by wishing them New Year in the local language of Darjeeling.

2-Taking part to celebrate with others:

Not only celebrating with family and going to some fashionable restaurants for dinners. But you can also appear in clubs or the famous Darjeeling Mall Road to celebrate with the vast crowd. During this time of the year, it becomes the most happening place to visit in Darjeeling.

3- Book a hotel in advance:

Darjeeling is the most famous town and people from outside country visit this place to celebrate New Year in this town. So, it is necessary to book your hotel or make reservations in one of the best hotels in Darjeeling near Mall Road to enjoy the celebration in a better way.

4- Look out for fireworks:

The sale of fireworks is not so popular in Darjeeling but during this time they stock up for firecrackers. At midnight, people come out of their houses and lit the sky with colorful crackers. So you must look out not to step on any line of fire.

5- Check in advance for entry fees:

During this time the cafes and restaurants get booked in advance. They put entry fees or they offer special discounts in New Year. So, it is very much necessary for you to check the entry fees or if needed keep the spots booked in advance to avoid any hassle during the visit.

6-Research the holiday schedules:

You can check for reduced or closing hours before visiting Darjeeling. Even though New Year is not a national holiday but many restaurants, cafes, bars, and tourist spots remain closed. Hence when you make your plans for the day, be sure to double check the visiting hours on New Year's Eve.

7- Don't be left stranded:

On New Year's Eve, few of the routes get closed during midnight. If you are taking a taxi then make sure to reach your desired destination by the time the services gets stopped. You can also check the bus route in case of any mishaps on the road.

Celebrate your New Year in a grand way

Want to celebrate your New Year in a different place away from your city? Then Darjeeling is one such place to start your New Year and make it unique to remember it forever.
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