Let's Plan Your 31st Night Celebration in Siliguri 2018

Let's Plan Your 31st Night Celebration in Siliguri 2018




Siliguri is a business hub. People from different places come here to find a job or set their own business. Busy traffic and busy people is the usual scenario of Siliguri. But as you know, "All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy", it becomes mandatory for people to plan their best for the last day of the year.
There is one night when everyone seems to be in a party mood. People take a break from their work and plan a 31st night party (The New Year's Eve).

Your 31st in Siliguri could turn out to be a great plan!!

Hotels in Siliguri help you in planning your party. Whether you are from Siliguri or planning to come here to spend your 31st night, you will be enjoying an awesome party if you continue reading this article.
So, without any delay


Choosing the right venue



A good party without a proper venue is impossible. There are many hotels and gardens in Siliguri where you can plan your New Year party. But if you ask me I will say The Chas Rajdarbar Hotel and Banquet is the best choice because of their luxury within budget policy.

The Ambiance of the 31st venue



The ambience of the 31st Night should be fun, colorful and full of lights. So your decorations should go by it. Decorate your party with lot of colored papers, ribbons, ballons and glitter balls.
You must paly good music to add up to the party vibes.

Making sure its Food List is Delicious



Party in Chas Rajdarbar means you will get to eat delicious food. But if you are partying out you must make it a point to order delicious food. Whatever it is make sure you have some hard or soft drinks in the party.

Come here for everlasting memories:

Make this New Year's Eve a memorable one. While you plan your party at Chas hotel you get a fantastic banquet hall, with a huge space to accommodate all your guests. Good food, nice arrangements, luxurious party feel and all other facilities availed to you just at your beckon call.
Plan some games at your party. Such as pillow passing, acting, name guessing etc.
Someone can do standup comedy, sing a song or tell an interesting story. Last but not the least dances your heart out.

"How about A Barbeque"

Take your group out and arrange a small barbeque which is possible if you choose your venue to be here at Chas Rajdarbar. Make a circle of warmth and have the best 31st party that stays with you forever.


Party hard but never forgets your safety. Never drink and drive or let anyone do so.

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