How to Choose the Right Hotel in Darjeeling?

How to Choose the Right Hotel in Darjeeling?


Darjeeling is one of the ideal hill stations in Northeast India. The tall trees, serene weather, snow-laden mountains, friendly people and the winding roads make this town a beauty to behold. Amidst this beauty, you will get a guaranteed vacation which you can cherish forever.

Hotel in Darjeeling

Being a famous hill station, this town has many good hotels according to the choice and needs. But to find the best one is a bit tough. So here we are to help you out find the right hotel to give you a comfortable stay.

Looking for the Right Hotel in Darjeeling

Hotel Booking in Darjeeling

When you are choosing a hotel in Darjeeling, there are various options to choose from. A hotel can make or break your vacation, so it is important that you choose the right hotel. At the time of hotel booking in Darjeeling, you should look for the best price, but it should have all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay.

To help you find the right hotel in Darjeeling, we have penned down some tips which will help you in fetching the best hotel.

Tips for Choosing the Right Hotel in Darjeeling

Choose with Itinerary in Mind:

You might save some money if you book a hotel on the outskirts but would you like to spend your vacation travelling from the city to your hotel every day. We hope, not. So if you know about your itinerary or you have an idea for you to choose the right hotel.

Set a Budget:

A traveller book a hotel keeping some specific budget in mind. But these are not always based on the actual budget for a vacation, but, estimation. So, you must always compare the prices from different websites before booking a hotel.

Consider All the Facilities:

Facilities in Darjeeling Hotel

Every traveller has different needs while choosing a hotel for the trip. Like many hotels offer free breakfast, some don't or some hotels have a free Wi-Fi connection, but some of them don't. So make sure you consider all the facilities or amenities before booking a hotel to make it a comfortable stay for you.

Read the Reviews:

Reading reviews of the hotels is the best way to know about what type of hotel it is, whether it is good or bad. But sometimes good reviews must not be read always, the bad reviews must also be included. So, make sure you read reviews before booking the hotel.

Near to the Sightseeing Locations:

Previously itinerary was taken into consideration while booking a hotel but now you look for hotels near to the attraction sites. It is the best part when you can walk on foot from the hotel to the sightseeing location. So, book a hotel within walking distance from the sightseeing area.

With a little bit of planning and searching, you can choose the right hotel in Darjeeling to give you the best vacation experience.

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