Housekeeping Department Of A Hotel - The Prime Factor

Housekeeping Department Of A Hotel - The Prime Factor


'Serve customers the best-tasting food at a good value in a clean, comfortable restaurant, and they'll keep coming back'? Dave Thomas.

The struggles of housekeeping speak for themselves. The result of sincere as well as unreal housekeeping efforts is noticeable.

The Housekeeping Department of the Hotels in Siliguri stands for one motto - 'Creating a home away from home'.

It takes immense pride in maintaining the ultimate standards of cleanliness and quality.

The target of all hotel accommodations is to offer their guests with hygienic, pleasant, and welcoming surroundings that offer complete value for client's money.


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Housekeeping Makes Your Hotel Experience An Enjoyable One!

Nothing attracts customers more than a clean hotel environment, right? Of course yes!

No standard of service, glamour can equal the happiness a customer has upon entering a clean and conveniently arranged room.

Management and guests both agree that maintaining a fresh environment is a pre-requisite to get repeat business, hence, creating increased profits.

How important is Housekeeping?

Housekeeping is an important part of the hotels in Siliguri for their business growth. Housekeeping is responsible for-

  • Cleanliness
  • Aesthetic upkeep of the rooms
  • Maintenance
  • Public area
  • Back area and surroundings.

After cleanliness and quality of the rooms, a hotel solely survives on the-

  • Sale of room
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Health club
  • Gymnasiums
  • Relaxing spas

Did you know the job of housekeeping department is a well-rounded operation that tirelessly works for a time frame of 24 x 7 x 365? Amazing, no?


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Golden Rules for Providing Best Housekeeping!!

  • Always ensure the utmost standards of cleanliness.
  • Always honor the idea that the hotel guest is your guest and the hotel room is your own home.
  • Always ensure that all required safety is met for the guest's satisfaction.
  • Always provide the necessary uniforms for all the staff and maintain adequate reserves.
  • Always cater to the laundering requirements of the guests and maintain the decoration of the room.

Siliguri's Top Hotels That Offers Overwhelming Housekeeping!!

Among all, the best hotels in Siliguri which will provide you with numerous amenities along with housekeeping services are-

Hotel Manila

With great food, superb amenities and excellent hospitality in its offerings, Hotel Manila is one of the best hotels which are famous for housekeeping services.

Chas Rajdarbar Hotels & Banquets

CHAS Rajdarbar Hotel & Banquets is the name you can trust for your luxurious accommodation needs as well as pleasing housekeeping at pocket-friendly prices.

Hotel Central Plaza

Not only for tourists, but also for business travelers, Hotel Central Plaza has to be your priority if you are looking for most welcoming housekeeping services in Siliguri.

Chas Swastik Regency

It is another hotel which you should not skip while it comes to housekeeping. All the staffs are very friendly and ensure the best services in Siliguri.

Hotel Dolly Inn

It's a hotel with superb interiors and the best part is the homely feeling it offers to everyone. All such amenities along with extraordinary housekeeping services make it one of the best hotels in Siliguri.

Housekeeping management, thus, is at the core of all vital hotel businesses. It can make the huge difference between a beloved hotel and one that guests are unlikely to visit again.

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