We Think Of What Customers Need

We Think Of What Customers Need


CHAS is a highly reputed and self acclaimed hotel industry spreading the magnificent hospitality to the guests in the best locations of Siliguri, Darjeeling, Gangtok and Kalimpong. The doors of CHAS are always opened for the visitors and our branch of Siliguri has been one of the gleaming part of this trusted family. Chas Hotels in Siliguri i.e. Rajdarbar Hotel & Banquets and Swastik Regency are the best hotels in Siliguri which lives up to the expectations of the customers in the best manner.

Building A Reputation For Excellence

best hotels in Siliguri with magnificent hospitality

In order to receive a high reputation every time, we satisfy our customers with the best hospitality and accommodation in the city. This all things get followed up by some functional actions keeping in tab the customer's needs and hotel's reputation.

Always looking for improvement

Even though we are well known to most of the Himalayan region visitors, we still look after the area of improvement for gaining more guests. We look after the best method to convince all types of travellers to stay with us. Improvement doesn't always mean that it has been done during any issues, it should be done to make everything perfect.

Aim for consistency

Yes, we all know everyone has the off day in their life with the stuff of their own but when it comes to CHAS we never slip up. We always come back stronger and deliver the consistent customer service, the priority will be the same, the hotel environment will be the same and the performance level will not change as well.

Flexibility in the service

We do not stick to the plan of the same company policies for the customer service, we do follow some out of the ordinary service techniques to make the customers happy. We believe that the same policies might make the guest's stay complicated so, we are fully dedicated to bringing everything into the right track.

An approach for customer requirements

Yes, the common facilities and services of the space will be there but there will be some customers who demand something extra special. Therefore we are always in touch with the customers to get the feedback and try our best to deliver their demand services.

A different way to stride forward

Yes, the competition is there in every industry but we believe that keeping up with the expectations of the customers is the biggest challenge. When this is done, it implies that we are striding ahead of our closest rivals in a better way.

CHAS isn't just the best hotels in Siliguri or at any other Himalayan region, it's the premier choice for the people who are looking forward to exceptional customer service and staying experience.

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