Gangtok Hotel Booking Tips- How to Get Best Rate Hotel

Gangtok Hotel Booking Tips- How to Get Best Rate Hotel


A cheap & small hotel is much more valuable than a seven-star hotel because there is huge hospitality with great affection.

Gangtok - 'Fairyland destination of Sikkim'

Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, is the most iconic photographic destinations in North East India. This beautiful hill station is counted amongst the most peaceful holiday destinations in India. Decked in snowy mountains, lush green landscapes, and tranquil monasteries, Gangtok is an ideal place for those who are hunting for immense quiet and solitude.

Make Your Trip Memorable With a Leisure Stay

When you are traveling to a new place, the foremost thing comes in your mind is about the accommodation. Same as for Gangtok trip, you may a little bit confused when you planning a trip for this place. There are numerous good hotels present in Gangtok that will provide you with great amenities.

Select Your Hotel After Proper Research!!

Gangtok is a hub of a vast range of great hotels. So, it is very important to research properly through online before finalize for booking the hotel in Gangtok.

Essential Tips Of Getting Best Rated Hotels In Gangtok!!

Vacations can cost huge money, which might be discouraging to someone. Still, a few booking tricks can help you to get the best-priced hotels in Gangtok, which are mentioned below-

1. Compare Prices Online With Hotel Booking Sites!!

Thanks to the invention of the Internet by which you can compare Gangtok hotel rates easily by sitting at home. You could check with each hotel's website and compare them; you could also make use of sites such as, Travel Ticker etc that will work for you. This way, you'll be able to see hotels at different price points and letting you make the most budget-conscious choice.

2. Call or Email the Hotel Directly!!

While comparison sites can offer great deals, the only way to know that you're getting the best deal is by directly contacting the hotel. However, Email will also work, but calling is the best option. You can ask directly on phone about any special packages, deals, or discounts, and even consider mentioning the prices you've found for the rooms.

3. Choose Hotels that Don't Appear on Search Sites!!

Just because a hotel does not appear on the first page at search engines that doesn't mean they aren't worth a look. In fact, these hotels offer hotel rooms at a cheaper rate since they're not getting internet customers!

4. Looking for Coupons Online!!

Coupon sites are an easy way to save money on hotel booking. Groupon and LivingSocial are both great sites for finding gift coupons that may save your money. Make sure that you understand every limitation in purchasing such as about the coupon is valid or there are any cancellation fees.

5. Don't Forget To Go Through With Sites!!

Airbnb and similar sites offer a huge number of listings of locally hosted apartments available to rent for a time. These offerings tend to be cheaper with the great commodities than a hotel stay would, so keep that in mind.

6. Travel during Off-Season!!

Hotels are going to charge more during peak season as everyone wants to visit the place at this time. Save money by traveling during the offseason. Traveling during offseason not only provide you with fewer cost prices hotels but also rewards you with low price flights rates.

7. Look for Budget-Friendly Packages!!

Try looking through tour sites for your particular destinations to get the most affordable packages. They will provide you with great sightseeing tours delicious food and luxurious stay. Read all the above-mentioned points to keep in your mind and choose the best hotels at a lower price in Gangtok for a relaxing stay.

Popular FAQs-

Q. What are the best sightseeing places in Gangtok? A. The most alluring places to see in Gangtok are Flower Exhibition Center, Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, Baba Harbhajan Singh Mandir, Rumtek Monastery etc. Q. What is the distance from Gangtok to Pakyong Airport? A. The approximate distance from Gangtok to Pakyong Airport is 28.7km.

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