Exploring Top 10 Durga Puja Pandals in Siliguri with a comfortable stay in Hotels

Exploring Top 10 Durga Puja Pandals in Siliguri with a comfortable stay in Hotels


The festival of Durga Puja has a cult of its own in Siliguri. It draws all kinds of crowd from far and wide. The beauty of the festival lies not only in the arrival of the Goddess along with her divine retinue and her ceremonial worships, but also the paraphernalia that has got attached to the festival over the decades. You will experience true bliss with melodious sounds of Dhak and Mantra chants throughout all the festive nights. And, hands down, Siliguri is one of the best places to experience Puja in its all festive spins. It's all about gathering the Bongs from different parts of the world come to celebrate this holy festival with their family and friends. It's the time when you can see the city in vibrant colors and even the darkest corner glows up with glittering lights. During the Durga Puja Festival, the city explodes with more than thousand thematic as well as colorful pandals which attract a huge number of crowds and making it one of the biggest autumn festivals in the world. So it is recommended that you should make a plan of your next Durga Puja Vacation in Siliguri to witness the charm of this festival. Top 10 Puja Pandals in Siliguri that you cannot afford to miss- Puja Pandals in Siliguri with their unique and innovative themes try to outdo each other in a quest for the best. The spectacular fusions of the modern themes and decorations with traditional rituals during the celebrations of this festival attract hoarder of visitors from within the country as well as from abroad. While it may not be possible for you to visit all the pandals in the city, this is why we present a list of top 10 pandals that will help you master the art of pandals hopping, which are described below:

1. Central Colony Durga Puja Committee -

Central Colony Durga

If you adore simplicity and uniqueness, head off straight to Central Colony in Siliguri. Here, the Pandal is renowned for its simple yet exotic and elaborate decorations as well as beautiful lightings. A special and unique attraction of this pandal is the statue of the Goddess herself, being serene, majestic and powerful. The colorful illuminations and traditional music only add to its charm.

2. Subrata Sangha, Deshbandhu -

Subrata Sangha

The first thing comes to your mind on seeing Subrata Sangha in Desbandhupara that its colors. Various innovative themes and abstract art forms are brilliantly fused with liberal use of bright colors, leaving the visitors captivated by the beauty of all of it. A must visit if you wish to experience the rich Indian traditions and celebrations, amidst a colorful ambiance.

3. Sarada Sewak Sangha, Rabindra Sarani-

Sarada Sewak Sangha

Sarada Sewak Sangha is a must visit pandal if you're fond of sports and cultural activities. Apart from innovative ideas & decor designs, they come up with very innovative themes every year. It is also known for its benevolence & extraordinary contribution towards safeguarding the environment.

4. TMC Club, Champasari-

TMC Club is well known for its exquisite architecture. Every year, the architecture and the style is different, however, the decorations remain equally mesmerizing and magnificent. Sparkling lights and colorful illuminations throughout this club prove a visual treat to the audience. A must visit pandal for those who wish to experience a marvelous fusion of celestial beauty with architectural brilliance.

5. Siliguri Ulka Club, Bankimnagar-

Siliguri Ulka Club This club is well known for its artistic creations and conveyance of various social messages through its innovative theme. The idol of Goddess Durga with her simple and unrivaled beauty and charm manages to capture the heart of millions of her devotees, who throng here to seek her blessings.

6. Dadabhai Sporting Club, Babupara-

Dadabhai Sporting It is one of the most reputed and visited pandals in Siliguri. A special feature of this pandal is that in contrast to the theme based Puja now-a-days, this pandal is known for following the traditional customs and practices of worshiping Goddess Durga. Do visit to experience the traditional style of Puja and the soothing spiritual ambiance.

7. Friends Union Club, East Vivekananda Pally-

Friends Union Club

It is one of the most popular pandals due to its vibrant lightning and the beautiful statue of the Goddess of Durga. Pamper your cerebral senses with magnificent creativity put forth by Friends Union Club. Compilation of Siliguri's top 10 pandals is incomplete without this pandal.

8. Milanpally Sarbojanin Durga Puja-

Milanpally Sarbojanin Durga Puja is known for its innovative and out of the box themes. Do not forget to taste the lip-smacking rosogullas, cham chams, misti doi, shingara, and kachoris from the shacks in the street connecting to Milanpally.

9. GTS Club, Hakimpara-

GTS Club, Hakimpara

It is another famous pandal in Siliguri for its uniqueness as well as innovative designs with colorful lightings. Take a deep dip into ingenious artwork by GTS Club, Hakimpara. It has won numerous awards for presenting an alluring combination of both skill and grandeur.

10. Tarun Sangha Club, Nazrul Sarani-

This club is reputed for its unique designs and architectures. Whatever be the themes, the idol of Ma Durga is exquisitely designed and is shown to be an embodiment of power as well as strength. Another special feature of this pandal is that its decorations often depict the life in the rural areas in West Bengal. A must visit for those interested in experiencing in divinity amidst rural backdrops.

WheretostayinSiliguriduringDurga Puja?

Whenever you are planning a trip to any place, there is big worry always knocking in your mind that is the accommodations. If you want to come to Siliguri for exploring all the Puja pandals, you have must stay in hotels. There are many good hotels in Siliguri with modern amenities. However, Chas Rajdarbar Hotels & Banquets is one of the most popular hotels as it provides the best location to stay in Siliguri. The location of this hotel is nearby to all the above-mentioned Puja Pandal, so it will be easy for you to reach and explore those pandals by staying here. You can book this hotel online from the hotel's website or go throughmake my trip to book our hotel in Siliguri at a reasonable rate.

Grab the opportunity to explore the charm of Durga Puja in Siliguri -

Every year people of Siliguri celebrate the Durga Puja Festival with utmost devotion. The six-day long celebration that begins with Mahalaya concludes on the final day with Vijaydashami. Decorated thematic pandals with life-size idols of Goddess Durga, sparkling lights, overcrowded streets, high spirited Bongs in their traditional attire, aroma of freshly cooked Bengali delicacies wafting through the streets are true characteristics of Durga Puja in Siliguri.

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