Hotels in Darjeeling : A Quaint and Captivating Hill Station

Hotels in Darjeeling : A Quaint and Captivating Hill Station


'You find yourself by indulging in service of others'

Travelling adds excitement and fun to one's life but in a true sense, it heals every pain by finding the uniqueness of any destination.

Though the whole world is beautiful and appealing, there is something special about Darjeeling.

The Queen of hills is undoubtedly a captivating hill station that attracts so many tourists across the world.

Darjeeling was the summer capital of India during British rule and you feel the charm in every corner of the city.

Whether you are watching the mesmerizing sunrise at Tiger Hill or simply walking on the mall road, all the time you will find the best out of the rest in this beautiful hill station located in the foothills of the Himalaya.

This heritage city can be better explored with hotels in Darjeeling. Some of the best hotels in Darjeeling provide excellent services by taking the responsibility to meet your desires.

You can start the morning with a sip of Darjeeling tea by visualizing the Kanchenjunga that starts sparkling with the sunrise.

Just think about the moment that you are sitting in the balcony of your hotel and enjoying the breath-taking locales in royal attire.

What else will you discover in this quaint hill station?


A walk to remember (Mall Road)

Darjeeling is a pure destination for a nature lover and romantic people as anyone can find the aroma of love and beauty by walking towards mall road especially after the sunset.

It doesn't matter you are holding someone's hand or hanging a camera on your neck, walking through the streets of Darjeeling is something that will be stored in your memory.

Staying in classy and luxuries hotel is not always drags you towards showing the status but also helps you in getting the things according to the plan.

Sometimes you can look into the streets through the hotel window that will surely give you a cinematic feeling.

Experience Toy Train Ride

Yes, we know that's the thing that comes to your mind whenever you heard about Darjeeling. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway which is popularly known as 'Toy Train' is considered as one of the special attraction of Darjeeling.

You can start the ride from Siliguri to visualize the entire scenic beauty that comes on the way.

If you find the journey too long then you can take a small ride from Darjeeling to Ghoom which will definitely satisfy your thirst.

Detailed and needful information can be gathered by staying in the hotels of Darjeeling.

Along with the accommodation facilities the management will provide you updates about the toy train ride which helps you to manage your travel plans.



Visibility of Kanchenjunga

Nature is unique and indeed incomparable with any man-made creations. So, no one can give you a guarantee about the visibility of Kanchenjunga. This is the time you must rely on your luck.

During the summer and mostly during the afternoon there is less visibility but in the morning you might get a chance to witness the captivating view of the snow-capped mountain range that looks magical.

After roaming around the city for the whole day you might get tired and feel lazy to wake up in the early morning but the best hotels in Darjeeling will help you in this regard.

Hotel staffs will knock the door of your room in the morning hour if you request them for doing so.


Witnessing the largest high-altitude zoo of India

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park or you can say Darjeeling Zoo is something you must visit during your stay in Darjeeling.

Some of the endangered species are kept in this zoo by taking the best care. The climate of Darjeeling is suitable for Snow Leopard, the Himalayan Wolf, and Red Panda.

Yes, you can find so many other mammals and birds in the zoo and they look so healthy and amazing. Roaming around the zoo is fun and a learning experience for anyone. 


Taste the flavor of Darjeeling Tea


The world recognized Darjeeling for the great Darjeeling Tea which refreshes the mind and touches the soul in true sense.

Hotels in Darjeeling will make you feel great by starting the day with a cup of tea according to your choice.

Black tea, green tea or milk tea is available in the hotels for giving you the real taste of nature.

But normally tasting the black tea or organic green tea without sugar will make you understand the essence of Darjeeling tea. 

The tea lovers must visit the - Happy Valley' tea garden to touch the fresh tea leaves with a captivating view all around.

The tea gardens on the mountain look like a green wave. Best hotels in Darjeeling will provide you car to experience a comfortable tour towards the tea garden.


Enjoy food with Sightseeing

After rejuvenating yourself with the freshness of this popular hill station, you must time for sightseeing by taking a car on rent.

Hotels in Darjeeling will give you attractive packages that include sightseeing and unlimited fun.

Early in the morning, you will enjoy the ride towards Tiger hill which is known for the view of sunrise.

When the sun rises behind the mountain range, the red giant ball will take you towards an imaginary world.

On returning from Tiger hill you can visit Ghoom Monastery, Batasia Loop, Tenzing rock, Rock garden, and Peace Pagoda.

The next best thing is enjoying the tasty and delicious food you can find in Darjeeling. Thukpas and Momos with lots of spicy red 'chutney' is a mouthwatering experience for anyone.

Shyafaley, Taipo, and Egg bun are some of the other dishes you can try to feel the taste of Tibetan cuisines.

Darjeeling will make you feel energized and give all the good reasons to redefine yourself one more time. Hotels in Darjeeling proves to be helpful for travelers to culture the place in a better sense as best hotels in Darjeeling are waiting for your visit in terms of adding pleasure to your life.

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