Booking a hall in Siliguri for a wonderful birthday party celebration

Booking a hall in Siliguri for a wonderful birthday party celebration

The celebration doesn't have to be reserved for big events. You can celebrate little too little things and make your lives richer and fuller.

Celebrations- An essence of a good life

Celebrating any occasion is a fun affair and a great boost to a boring routine to celebrate the joy of living and to refill your self-esteem. It helps in making you feel like a king or a queen for a day which is the best gift for a good life. But the main trouble lies in its organization and planning, which is required to make any event successful.

Why is celebration important in life?

In all other things we do in life, a celebration is one such thing that everyone should take out time for. Celebration adds an excitement and fun to your life. From all other celebrations, one of the most significant is a birthday celebration. It is the way of celebrating your beginning and joy of life. It is also an important occasion which cannot be understated but can only be reflected and given thanks.

How to plan a perfect birthday party?

Planning a birthday party is fun but hectic. There are many elements of a birthday party to make it wonderful and memorable. So there are some steps which must be followed for a fantastic birthday party.

Choose a theme for the party:

Many parents feel comfortable in starting with a theme which will help you to decide the decorations, invitations, games, crafts, and food. Both you and your child will enjoy a lot in planning as well as increase your child's interest in making a theme party.

Guest list and invitations:

If you are planning a big birthday party then you should make a guest list of the friends, family so that you can start informing them. You can also involve your child in making invitation cards with all the details. They might use their own creativity and make cards according to your chosen theme.

A place for the party:

If you do not want to celebrate the birthday party at your home or apartment, then there you can make reservations at a hotel according to the span of the guests to celebrate in a grand way. This will give you the opportunity to organize a fantastic birthday party.


Once you have decided to have a theme party or not, you can make decorations according to that theme. You have to consider whether it is a kid's or an adult's birthday party. If it is a theme-based party then it should be familiar to the favorite TV shows, cartoons, movies, etc liked by the child.

Entertainment for the party:

Depending on the age and the number of guests you can plan out the entertainment. You can put DJs, music, organize some shows, and bring in a person dressed in cartoon character or a clown for the entertainment of the children.


If it is at a party or banquet hall then you need to check with the staff for catering options. You must know about how much food and drink is needed based on the length of the party and make sure that you plan for enough food to cater to all the guests.

A backup plan if the weather is not suitable:

If it is a rooftop or outside party then always have an alternative location prepared and a system for notifying the guests if needed.

Be prepared for mishaps, if it happens:

You must be always prepared for any kind of mishaps by booking a room in a hotel for resting if the child gets tired. You must keep a first aid kit in case someone gets injured during the party. If you have pets then make sure to keep them away from the guests as they might get afraid or allergic to pets.

Where to stay in Siliguri?

If you have guests coming from outside to attend the party then you can opt for the best hotels which have all the modern facilities with enough rooms for a luxurious and comfortable stay in Siliguri.

Whyhome?Bookahotelfora perfectbirthdaypartyexperience:

A celebration is something that will be remembered and cherished forever. But a birthday celebration is the best to bring happiness in your own life. So, if you are planning for a grand or fantastic birthday party the Chas Rajdarbar Hotel and Banquet is one of the best hotels in Siliguri which will make your birthday party celebration in an organized and planned way.
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