Alluring Souvenirs to take back from the Northeast

Alluring Souvenirs to take back from the Northeast


Going to new places without buying special souvenirs will definitely make your trip dull!

And the above statement is definitely true! Everyone knows that keeping a memento is a constant reminder of their experience to a place. If you are a passionate traveler like me, believe me, a souvenir is like a 'Golden Globe Award' cum an achievement to cherish forever

The 8 Gems of the Northeast

Comprising 8 states in total, North-East India has so much to offer from handloom product to handicraft that makes one confused to what to take home.

Each state is famous for its unique souvenirs, which we have mentioned below-

1. Nagaland for 'Naga Shawls'



Recognized by different colors such as red, black, & white along with distinct tribal prints, Naga Shawls are the most famous souvenirs of Nagaland. Previously these shawls were worn by the warriors of different native tribes. Make sure you will not skip this.

2. Sikkim for 'Organic Tea'



Popularly famous as 'organic state of India', Sikkim has initiated tea plantation in 1969 to provide a livelihood for the Tibetan refugees. Sikkim is known for its mesmerizing aroma of Tea leaves which you should definitely buy to take back home.

3. Assam for 'Mekhela Chador'



It is a traditional dress worn by women in Assam. Though looks like a saree, Mekhela Chador is a two-piece garment. Made with Muga silk, Mekhela is usually decorated with a splendid pattern, called buta.

Amazing to hear, right?

4. Manipur for 'Longpi Hamlei pottery'



A small village of Manipur, Longpi is renowned for crafting stone pottery called Longpi Hamlei. The most interesting thing about this art is that the artisans do not use a potter's wheel for the shape, even they made this by hand with the aid of molds and tools.

Just wow!

5.    Meghalaya for 'Meghum Khoks Basket'

Meghalaya is not just famous for picturesque scenery, but also for its dazzling souvenir. Here, the Garo tribe is expert in weaving beautiful baskets known as Meghum Khoks.  Those are made for an attractive as well as an exclusive souvenir to take back home.

6.    Tripura for 'Risa & Riha Handloom Fabrics'

In the state of Tripura, the art of intricate weaving has always played an important role in economic development. Risa & Riha are the traditional hand-woven fabrics of Tripura which are distinguished by their bright colors and intricate tribal designs.

7. Arunachal Pradesh for 'Beautiful Ornaments'



Arunachal Pradesh is a land of beautiful ornaments comprising wide range in fantastic variety. Beads of various colors along with blue feathered wings of birds and green wings of beetles are also used in decoration. All these glorious ornaments are made of dazzling beads as the local tribes are very fond of it.

8. Mizoram for 'Bamboo & Cane Product'



The climate of Northeast India is highly suitable for the cultivation of cane and bamboo. And among all, Mizoram draws attention for its unique bamboo and cane products. Baskets, furniture, hats, utensils, and many other items are made out of bamboo and cane.

Has your inner shopaholic been evoked yet? If yes, then make a note of this and indulge in the best shopping experience on your next trip to this land of beauty!

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