A leisure weekend trip to the wilderness of Bengal Safari Park

A leisure weekend trip to the wilderness of Bengal Safari Park

Siliguri is the main hub among all the hill-stations in North Bengal but Bengal Safari Park has become a major attraction of visitors for people to have a lovely weekend.

Bengal Safari Park: The faunal diversity of North Bengal

Bengal Safari Park is situated within the forested area of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, is the first ever animal safari park of the North Bengal region. This park offers visitors a fascinating opportunity to experience the wildlife of Bengal. It is spread over an area of 297 hectares and is established to bring forth the diversity in flora and fauna to the people visiting the park. It is developed as a natural habitat for the Sal and its species and you can get to see animals like leopards, tigers, and cats here.

Best time to visit Bengal Safari Park:

The best time to visit the safari park is during the months of June, May, and August as the weather stays good and ideal for safari inside the park. It is also the peak tourist season.

How to reach the park?

If you want to spend your weekend in Siliguri away from the noisy city life, then Bengal Safari Park is the right choice for you. After reaching Siliguri, you can take a car or travel in local transports and reach Bengal Safari Park in 38 minutes. It is located at a distance of 12 kilometers from the main city of Siliguri.

The easiest way to reach the park is mentioned below:

  • Turn left towards Neotia Getwel Road
  • Then turn right on the same road
  • Continue onto the right and turn towards the left at Shanti Tea Store onto NH10
  • Move straight to continue on NH10
  • Then turn left onto Toribari Mr. Phulman Road, and
  • Reach North Bengal Safari Park
Address: 5th Mile, Sevoke Road, Salugara, Siliguri, West Bengal 734008 Contact: 082319 04905 Website: www.nothbengalwildanimalspark.in

Best places to stay in Siliguri:

If you are an outsider and visiting Siliguri for some peace and leisure then Chas Rajdarbar Hotel and Banquet is one of the best hotels in Siliguri. It is a centrally located hotel which has a magnificent decor and has an elegant ambiance. This hotel provides excellent accommodation from spacious, comfortable rooms to an in-house restaurant. With all its modern facilities and amenities to offer, this hotel is the best among all other hotels in Siliguri.

Entry Fees of the Bengal Safari Park:

The different timings, schedules, and packages are mentioned below for the ride in the Bengal Safari Park. Entry Fees for visitors: Adult (12 years and above): INR 25 on weekends. INR 30 on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays Child (5 years to 12 years): INR 10 Child(less than 5 years): Free

Safari by bus ride:

Grand Safari includes Herbivore Safari, Tiger Safari, Bear Safari, and Leopard Safari: Entry Fee of Adult/Child (5 years and above): INR 200 Duration: 75 minutes Combo1 Safari includes Herbivore Safari and Tiger Safari: Entry Fee of Adult/Child (5 years and above): INR 100 Duration: 45 minutes

For Tiger Safari:

Entry Fee of Adult/Child (5 years and above): INR 50 Duration: 20 minutes

Elephant Ride:

Entry Fee of Adult/Child (3 years and above): INR 300 per person Duration: 30 minutes Information to note: Mobile phone must be in switch off mode during the ride.

Seat Capacity:

Minimum 50% occupancy for the Safari


Still Camera: Free Video Camera (Non- commercial): INR 100 Video Camera (Commercial): INR 2000

Parking Fees for Vehicles:

Bus or Mini Bus: First Two Hours: INR 100 Additional Per Hour: INR 50

Car, Van or Auto (Four or Three Wheelers):

First Two Hours: INR 30 Per Additional Hour: INR 10

Scooter or Motor Cycle (Two Wheelers):

First Two Hours: INR 10 Per Additional Hour: INR 5


First Two Hours: INR 5 Per Additional Hour: INR 2

Zoo or Safari Timing:

Ticket Timing: 9 am to 4:30 pm (All Days of the week except Monday) Visiting Hours: 9 am to 5 pm

Grand Safari Timing (Herbivore+ Tiger+ Black Bear + Leopard):

1st Shift 9.15 am-9:30 am  
2nd Shift 10.45 am-11.00 am  
3rd Shift 12.15 pm-12:30 pm  
4th Shift 1:45 pm-2.00 pm  
5th Shift 3:15 pm-3.30 pm  

Combo1 Safari Timing (Herbivore+ Tiger):

1st Shift 9:30 am-10:30 am  
2nd Shift 11:30 am-12:30 pm  
3rd Shift 1:30 pm-2:30 pm  
4th Shift 3:30 pm-4:15 pm  

Tiger Safari Timing:

1st Shift 10:00 am-10:30 am  
2nd Shift 11:00 am-11:30 am  
3rd Shift 12:00 noon-12:30 pm
4th Shift 1:00 pm-1:30 pm  
5th Shift 2:00 pm-2:30 pm
6th Shift 3:00 pm-3:30 pm  
7th Shift 4:00 pm-4:30 pm
  Elephant Ride:
1st Shift 8:30 am- 9:00 am
2nd Shift 9:00 am-9:30 am
3rd Shift 4:00 pm-4:30 pm

Why visit the Safari Park?

The state of West Bengal is very rich in wildlife. North Bengal floodplains harbor wild animals like tiger, Common Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Elephant, Rhino, Himalayan Black Bear, Sloth Bear, Gaur, Spotted Deer, Rhesus monkey, and reptiles like the crocodile, etc. There are many different varieties of birds to see in the Safari Park like Red Junglefowl, Golden Pheasant, Silver Pheasant, Pond Heron, Parakeet Rose Ring, and Pea Fowl. This park is also rich in various orchids like Bamboo Orchid, and different types of medicinal plants to see for the visitors visiting the park. If you want to spend a lovely weekend amidst the animals and plants then there is no other than a wildlife park. North Bengal will definitely fulfill your wish of having a closer look at the various animals, birds, reptiles, and plants. So, explore this park and the serene ambiance along with a comfortable stay in Siliguri for an enjoyable weekend to cherish upon.
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