6 Amazing Places in Darjeeling to Shop Till You Drop

6 Amazing Places in Darjeeling to Shop Till You Drop


"Collecting unique souvenirs from wherever they go is every traveler's dream!'

 A Shopaholic's Trip to Darjeeling!!

Apart from its picturesque beauty, snowy-mountain peaks, and a refreshing retreat from the maddening city life, Darjeeling also can be a treasure trove for shop-lovers. The authentic & alluring aroma of tea will blow your mind. Along with hoarding packets of tea leaves, you can also shop local knick-knacks such as handicraft items, woolen scarves, junk jewelry items and many other things from the markets in the city.

Whether it is the Chowk Bazaar or the Mall Road, we bet you will have surely a marvelous shopping experience!

Souvenirs to Pick From Darjeeling's Shops!!

"Souvenirs from vacations are a form of gathering memories related to trip around the world!'

If you're wondering what to buy in Darjeeling, we have listed out some of the best markets to visit and items to purchase on your trip-

1. Hand knitted items at New Mahakal Market


Hand knitted items at New Mahakal Market


'If you're looking for a cozy winter coat, Mahakal Market is the right place to check out.'

This market was formerly known as the Bhutia Market and is famous for its local Hand Knitted Items such as-

  •     Woolen Shawls
  •     Woolen Caps
  •     Woolen Sweaters

Opening Hours- 9 am to 6 pm

2. Handicrafts & Souvenirs at Mall Road


Handicrafts & Souvenirs at Mall Road


"If you visit Darjeeling without exploring The Mall Road, well, you certainly missed out on something big!'

The Mall Road does not only offer the best location to stay in Darjeeling but also serves as the best place for shopping. Here you will find a wide range of different items, including-

  •     Fashion garments
  •     Curio decors
  •     Woolen clothes
  •     Photo equipment
  •     Books
  •     Darjeeling tea
  •     Tibetan masks
  •     Jewellery and trinkets.

Opening Hours- 8 am to 7 pm

3. Cheap Electronics at Chowk Bazaar

"If you want anything from everyday groceries to reasonably-priced electronics, then you should come here!'

From household items to electronic items, Chowk Bazaar is the perfect shopping hub. Here you will get-

  •     Phones
  •     Power banks
  •     Home appliances
  •     Rugs
  •     Hand-woven textiles
  •     Fur caps
  •     Brilliantly carved boxes
  •     Silverware etc.

Opening Hours- 9 am to 9 pm

4. Beautiful Carpets at Tibetan Self Help Center



'Are you looking for stunning carpets for decorating your house? Come Tibetan Self Help Centre!'

Established in 1959, The Tibetan artisans of this center have carved out a niche market for their products. While visiting this center, you can also see the artisans at work exhibiting their artistic skills. You will explore here-

  •    Tibetan carpets
  •    Woolen clothes
  •    Opulent woodwork decor
  •    Stylish footwear
  •    Wood carved items
  •    Paintings etc.

Opening Hours- 8 am to 5 pm

5. Flavored Darjeeling Tea at the Small Cafes


Flavored Darjeeling Tea at the Small Cafes


'Shopping in Darjeeling is definitely incomplete without buying its world famous Darjeeling Tea!'

Darjeeling is a charming hill-station, where you can drink a cup of tea made from the freshly-plucked leaves of one of its renowned gardens. While most grocery stores and souvenir shops sell the tea, the smaller boutiques offer amazing options of the finest blends too like-

  •    Nathmulls Tea & Sunset Lounge
  •    House of Tea and Afternoon Tea at Windamere

6. Great Discounts on Many at Rink Mall

'Every shopping remains quite off without visiting shopping mall of that particular place!'

This mall has quite a few stores that have some great deals, especially during festive seasons. Located at the starting point of The Mall Road, this mall is a one-stop solution to the tourists as best hotels in Darjeelingare present in this area.

'While stores such as Big Bazar and Reliance Trends offer designer wear, the massage parlor will provide a soothing experience, if you are tired with all the walking in the hills.'

Opening Hours- 10 am to 8 pm

While a remarkable holiday cannot be immortalized in our minds, the memorabilia purchased get tagged with an immense emotional value. So, head to Darjeeling and shop some fine souvenirs for an epic vacation!

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