10 Ways to Enjoy your Short Weekend Getaways to India!

10 Ways to Enjoy your Short Weekend Getaways to India!


The choices of vacation destinations in India seem to be infinite. From scenic destinations to historical and culturally soaked sites to destinations offering laid-back and relaxed stays. Everything is present to allure you with its beauty. Amongst this vast list of destinations, there is always a dilemma of choosing a destination that is worth a visit! Well! To relieve you of this confusion, we are here to present you a list of destinations that become a must-visit for every traveller visiting or while touring India.

1. Get spiritual in Varanasi!!


This is by far the unique place in the entire world. It is the most sacred place where Hindus come for a soul-soothing trip along the Ganges River. The ancient temples and the devotional atmosphere will give you an inner peace. Also, you can see 'Sadhus'! Best time to visit: October to March

2. Chilling in Dehradun!!


Dehradun has a picturesque location with a beautiful view of the mountains of Himalayan ranges and river Ganga flowing on the other side. Being an ideal destination for peace lovers it becomes one of the most favourite places in India. Best time to visit: Throughout the year except monsoons

3. Being adventurous in Leh!!


It is said to be one of the most beautiful places not only in India but in the whole world. You can trek through the snowy mountains, see the crystal clear lakes, or try for a safari trip. Also get a chance to spot a snow leopard! Best time to visit: May to September

4. Bumpy camel rides in Jaisalmer!!


While wandering around the desert sands of Rajasthan, you can make a trip to Jaisalmer. Here you can be in a city that seems like it's made only out of the sand with a massive fort towering it. You can even go for a camel safari in the sandy deserts. Best time to visit: November to March

5. Indulge in the beauty of Panjim!!


Unlike the other cities, the Goan capital is visited frequently by travellers but it is worthwhile if you stay only for a few days in this city. Leaving behind the remnants, Panjim serves some of the best delicacies too. So get lost in this beautiful unexplored city like never before! Best time to visit: November to March

6. Go traditional in Rann of Kutch!!

Rann of Kutch

This is where you will find the vast salt plains in India. Make sure you visit at the right time or you might find yourself under water. Experience local life here also you can see how artisans make traditional clothing. It is also named as the new fashion capital of India! Best time to visit: October to March

7. Fall in love with Shillong!!


It is a peaceful spot to rejuvenate love, romance and seek relaxation away from the bustle of the city life. The forested hills, awe-inspiring scenic beauty, pleasant climatic conditions make it an important tourist attraction in Meghalaya. Best time to visit: September to May

8. Treat yourself with beautiful Darjeeling!!


The rolling hill of the misty Darjeeling is a fascinating place in India. It is rich in natural beauty as it offers the perfect setting of Himalayan backdrop, towering trees and the most of all, tea plantations with the best location to stay in Darjeeling! Best time to visit: October to March

9. Explore Kaziranga and its wild secrets!!


This national park is home to two-thirds of the planet population of the one-horned rhinoceros. There aren't many rhinos in the world but this park has worked hard to repopulate them. You can get a chance to see rhinos here! Best time to visit: November to April

10. Peaceful vacation in Tawang!!


A quaint and a picture-perfect escape in the heart of Northeast are bestowed with the beauty of nature. This small abode was once Tibet with its food, language, and people are Tibetan although it has become Indian. So, come and learn about their culture! Best time to visit: October to March Want to know more? Then travel to India! Hear the call of nature and pack your bags for a beautiful getaway in India.

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