10 Tips for a Comfortable Hotel Stay in Darjeeling

10 Tips for a Comfortable Hotel Stay in Darjeeling


A few words about Darjeeling- 'the Queen of hills': Darjeeling is known as 'Queen of the Hills' and is located at an elevation of about 6,700 ft. This hill station is one of the most preferred holiday destinations for countless tourists in and across the country. During sunrise, majestic views of snow-capped Mount Kanchenjunga make this quaint hill station a paradise for the nature lovers. Nature has bestowed this endearing hill town with the abundance of glorious and imposing features like striking sunrise viewpoint, magnificent mountain views, lush greenery of tea plantations and forests, cascading river streams and a profuse species of flora & fauna. Where can you stay in Darjeeling? Every tourist researches about various accommodation options before commencing a trip. Because factors like comfort & affordability are of major concern. Those who travel extensively, do it for two reasons-

  • They love to travel
  • Their work needs them to

More often, it is the latter that spend more time out of the home as compared to the former. Hotels come in various shape & sizes and moreover, luxury hotels can give you grief. Here, we have mentioned about 10 tips for your comfortable hotel stay in Darjeeling-

1. State your smoking preference at the time of booking -

If you are a non-smoker and put onto the smoking floor, there are huge chances that the smell of smoking can irritate you. So, it is highly recommended that you should state your preferences at the time of hotel booking which increases your chance of getting what you want and your trip will be comfortable.

2. Ask for a double bed as per your comfort -

Hotels rarely charge for big sized double bed so you can have a large roomy bed all to yourself. It is the blessing for those whose children are co-sleep with them. Many hotels rooms have two separate single beds which are meant for twin-sharing rooms. These beds would be comfortable but not more than big sized double beds. However, you can also ask for the room staffs to join the two single beds for your comfort.

3. Get your preferred pillows and mattresses -

It is especially noticed that in many budget hotels they will give you the slim pillows and hard mattresses if you ask for them. If you have back and neck issues, then this is a godsend. So, you can spend 4-5 nights in a hotel without any sore in neck and back pain.

4. Get to know the hotel staffs -

If you are a frequent traveler, you must know well the hotel staffs as well as room staffs for your comfortable stay. Housekeeping staffs are always on their toes and getting to know them as well as saying a few friendly words will go a long way since they look after your comfort.

5. Carry your choiceable snacks -

You never know when the midnight craving hits you, right? So, it is recommended that you should carry your own snacks from your home or buy some on your back to the hotel. They will not only curb the midnight hunger but also served as a substitute for a meal.

6. Bring your multi-plug chargers or power banks along -

Whether you are traveling solo/ with family/ for work or pleasure, chances are you will have multiple devices to charge every evening. Many business hotels or cheaper hotels have very charging points so multi-plug chargers or power banks will come to your rescue.

7. Keep your room night light on -

if you don't want to accidentally knock your foot on a piece of furniture when you get up in the middle of the night, we will recommend you to keep the nightlight on. If there is no provision of a nightlight, switch on the bathroom light and open the door slightly. You would have enough illumination and the light would not protrude. However, if you want to sleep in pitch dark use a good eye-mask.

8. Use the hotel's wake-up alarm -

If you have to wake up early in the morning, this is the best thing for you. There can always be goof-ups with the time difference and your alarms may ring at your home time. Some hotels have alarm clocks while others have a good wake-up phone call from the front desk.

9. Learn about the complimentary facilities at the hotel -

You should properly learn about the complimentary facilities at the time of hotel bookings like how much water they give every day and how much you will have to pay, whether they provide shuttle services to nearby places, whether they have to pick and drop services from the airport or even a hotel cab service.

10. Just ask for getting the extra benefits -

This is our final tip for you. Most hotels may not advertise but they are equipped with many facilities that make your stay as comfortable as possible. Need more shampoo? Just ask. Need shaving cream? Just ask. Sick of eating restaurant food and crave some home-style Khichdi? Just ask. They do like to take care of their resident guests so that you will come back again in the future.

Choose the right hotel for a comfortable stay in Darjeeling -

The above-mentioned tips will help you to choose an ideal hotel for your comfortable stay during your Darjeeling trip. However, there are numerous budget hotels in Darjeeling; it is advisable to you that before choosing the right hotel, especially when you are traveling with your family you should follow all the tips which we have already mentioned. This not only makes your trip comfortable but also makes your trip memorable for a lifetime.

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