10 Reason you must travel in Siliguri to explore the best of this city!

10 Reason you must travel in Siliguri to explore the best of this city!

Sometimes our souls get tired and we spend nights and days sitting and thinking about the pressure of the daily routine which bounds us. Travelling to destinations during such time becomes really difficult for us. So, need not worry as we bring you with an undeniable trip to Siliguri! For those who haven't heard about Siliguri, it is a small city which marks as the centre of the nearby hill-stations situated in a close proximity of this beautiful city. So, here are some of the reasons why you must take out time from your busy schedule and travel to Siliguri once!!

1. The ultimate weather!!

If you are in search of a place with a perfect weather then Siliguri is the choiceable place for you. Siliguri sits at a perfect location with the flow of the bearable summers and winters. You can even stay without switching on your AC and enjoy the weather fully!

2. Become a shopaholic here!!

No matter what style of shopping you love, Siliguri has it all. From ethnic to traditional, it is flourished with many markets and shopping malls to make it an ultimate shopping destination here. Even you can try out window-shopping for timepass!

3. Join in the festivals!!

It is a lively city. People of all ages and nationalities get together to celebrate each festivals with joy and happiness. There are way too many options like Durga Puja, Holi, Diwali and many more. Indeed, there is something new for every traveller visiting Siliguri!

4. Savour the finger-licking cuisines!!

If there is any heaven for a foodie, then it has to be Siliguri. The city food is an explosion of taste and flavours. From the amazingly spicy street food to delicious Bengali and continental dishes in restaurants, this city has it all. Sounds delicious, right?

5. Get closer to the wildlife and forests!!

When speaking about the city itself, the nature must not also be left behind. The various animals and the calmness of the forest area will fulfill your visit to Siliguri. You might also be lucky to spot some elephant drinking water or a peacock dancing inside the forest!

6. Drive to the beautiful destinations!!

As we know Siliguri is the centre for many nearby destinations, a visit to this city will make you believe it for sure. There are many small destinations like Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Sikkim and many more for you to visit and spend time with your family and loved ones.

7. Educate the young minds!!

It is the ultimate hub of education! Siliguri is getting flourished and popular with the various schools, colleges being opened in the recent years. This shows the city is developing and it also has the biggest university in North Bengal.

8. No waiting for vehicles!!

Even though it's a small city you will not have problem of finding vehicles. There are numerous types of vehicles available to drop you from one place to another. This makes it easy and comfortable for you to travel in and around Siliguri. Do not worry about waiting! After all this... where to stay? Need not WORRY!

9. Have a comfy stay!!

Thinking about where to stay when you land here? There is a solution to it. Siliguri has many options in store for you from a budget-friendly to luxurious stay. There are many hotels near Siliguri airport which offers the best services to have the most comfortable holiday in this wonderful city.

10. Meet the friendly locals!!

Having a friendly local is a must if a traveller is unknown to a city. So, Siliguri has the friendliest locals to help you throughout your journey and you can have a lovely vacation here. Do not just sit at home and think about travelling. Take a trip to Siliguri and experience these exciting reasons to fulfil your travel dreams to North Bengal once in your lifetime.
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