Top Five Cheap Hotels in Siliguri for a Peaceful Stay

Apart from its tea, timber, and tourism, Siliguri is known for its affluent natural beauty which is unknown to many!

Want to explore it? Then you should take a chance to explore the hidden gems that this place offers.

The snow-clad mountains peaks of the great Himalayas boast a spectacular panorama which you will always cherish to remember. Whether you are a backpacker or a luxury traveler, this entire list of Siliguri hotels’ will come in handy for you! Great!

Siliguri’s Hotels to Stay In Comfort!!

While you are here, get to know the in-depth beauty of Siliguri through these awesome hotels ranging from budget to luxury. This list of hotels in Siliguri with tariff will give you all the information you would seek, so let’s have a look-

1. Hotel Manila

With great food, extraordinary amenities and excellent hospitality in its offerings, Hotel Manila in Siliguri is the right hotel which suits your budget conveniently. The most interesting part of this hotel is close to the bus stand as well, and if you have your own vehicle, Manila also provides parking space.

Tariff per night: Rs 956 onwards

Location: Bus Terminus, Hill Cart Road, Pradhan Nagar, Siliguri, West Bengal

Contact: 03532519342

2. Hotel Vinayak Inn & Banquets

Offering great ambience, decent and spacious rooms, all in a very nice locality what Hotel Vinayak Inn & Banquets boasts. The food offered by the in-house restaurant is unbeatable and with all such things, you won’t get any better place to stay in Siliguri.

Tariff per night: Rs 1,502 onwards

Location: Ward 2, Pradhan Nagar, Mallaguri, West Bengal

Contact: 03532512512

3. Chas Swastik Regency

Chas Swastik Regency, Siliguri is located centrally and is the ideal hotel for you to choose upon on your trip to this city. It is a luxury cum budget-friendly hotel with exclusive rooms which makes the stay here more than just comfortable.

Tariff per night: Rs 2000 onwards

Location: Hill Cart Road (By Lane), Opposite SNT Bus Stand

Contact: 09593907770

4. Chas Rajdarbar Hotel & Banquet

Chas Rajdarbar Hotel and Banquet is located close to the junction is the only name which is unique combination of cheap as well as best luxury hotels in Siliguri. This is the right hotel where you can stay like your own home.

Tariff per night: Rs 3,500 onwards

Location: Hill Cart Road, Mahananda Bridge, Gurung Busti More, Siliguri, West Bengal

Contact: 09593905550

5. Hotel Central Plaza

This hotel provides you with all the luxury amenities which make your stay are full of ease and comfort. Not only for tourists, but also for business travellers, Hotel Central Plaza should be included in your priority lists if you are looking for an affordable stay.

Tariff per night: Rs 1,633 onwards

Location: Mallaguri, Pradhan Nagar, Siliguri, West Bengal

Contact:  03532516119

Siliguri is enveloped by numerous breathtaking natural environs that are found rarely. So what are you waiting for? Another natural slice of heaven awaits you! So, Hurry!

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