A Touristic Information Source For Potential Guests

A Touristic Information Source For Potential Guests


If your holiday period is close then you must have thought about the destination. So, where are you going or you haven't decided yet? If this is the situation then, how about Gangtok? Now, you might think the recommendation of Sikkim's capital is to have a nice break apart from usual work. Well, there's more reason behind the decisions of Gangtok. Firstly it is absolutely beautiful and secondly, there's a lot of tourist-attracting places. Other than the charm, the climatic condition, transportation and culture are also one to be listed. But apart from this, the most extra thing that strikes everyone is the accommodation. The staying option like hotel Chas Narayani Gangtok is something that you may not quite frequently see in any other destination. Gangtok has always been the majestic home for tourists and the accommodation has always been the massive tourist-attracting factor.

Table of Contents:

  • How can your staying option be the source of touristic information?

Most fitting hotel choice in Gangtok

List of the support provided by the staying option

Popular places visit arranged by the hotel

  • Conclusion

How can your staying option be the source of touristic information?

Hotel Chas Narayani with your staying option

The staying option like hotel Chas Narayani Gangtok might perfectly suit your demand. In addition, it is a luxurious hotel with fascinating hospitality service and accommodation. However, you might wonder what is the thing that makes this hotel extra special. Well, it is the way of guiding the guests to most exotic places in the capital of Sikkim. The hotel provides exceptional support to you to get access to the tourist destination in the following ways:

  • Providing the local tour guide who will assist in exploring the nearest places.
  • Helping with the big luggage storage which cannot be taken during the trips.
  • Arranging the cab service from the reliable car rental company if needed.
  • Assuring on-time hotel reach after the day tour regardless of the distance.
  • Brilliant assistance to the first time visitors to explore popular places.

Your stay at hotel Chas Narayani Gangtok will fulfil your dream of getting the view of the glamourous Himalayas. When you'll be at Gangtok, you will get the opportunity to witness the clear view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Another dramatic short trip of Tashi View Point will also allure your feelings with joy. If you love some holy peaceful environment then, the hotel will also arrange the exploring trip of Do-drul Chorten and Enchey Monastery. The adventure part is not going to be left behind. The guide of the cable car ride, walk through MG Marg and rafting on a good day will also be arranged.

The hotel Chas Narayani Gangtok is truly the source of touristic information. Even though if you are not well prepared for the tour there's nothing to worry about, the hotel team will support you. So, think about the holiday and make you make decision of Gangtok trip as early as possible.

Note: Chas Narayani in Gangtok is one of the well established and luxurious hotel property in Gangtok. The hotel has been providing service and serving guests for years and is a highly recommended hotel brand in the capital for tourists.

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