Take a Stroll at MG Marg

Take a Stroll at MG Marg


MG Marg lies in the heart of the Gangtok and it is one of the most fascinating spots for tourist. It is the biggest market in Gangtok where you'll see the modern lifestyle of the Sikkimese people. You might have only heard about the traditional Nepali culture and people of Sikkim but the fancy and fashionable life of Sikkim can be witnessed live here at MG Marg. Over the years, MG Marg has turned out to be one of the most important destinations in the capital and you can stroll this awesome market when you stay at the best hotels in Gangtok. It is basically a shopping hub for the people, named after Mahatma Gandhi with a long stretched open mall.

The Carnival Market of Gangtok

best hotels in Gangtok along with the carnival market

It is a market which is more like a carnival, the crowd walking in the streets and colourful shops and stores clearly signals the difference between MG Marg and other famous destinations in Gangtok. You might find it strange in terms of public noises but you will also be amazed to see no vehicles over there because they are not allowed at MG Marg along with cigarette smoking. It always seems like a festival at MG Marg and the nightlife is one thing that is admired by almost all the visitors.

Some of the best things to admire at MG Marg are-

  • The roadside restaurants, cafes and bars
  • Availability of lots of purchasable items at reasonable prices
  • Best place to get the souvenirs at Gangtok
  • Relaxing while sitting at the middle seats of the road
  • Eating various veg and non-veg local  foods
  • Quality clothes and shoes to choose and buy from the shopping stores

Stay at one of the best hotels in Gangtok and when you are free, just hire a taxi that will drop you a little away from the market. After reaching there you will notice a different environment than you expect. Take a walk in the street and check out the special stores on the side, the market is beyond your imaginations as it provides a city vibe and chills at the Northeastern Himalayan region. Well, MG Marg is unique in its own way but you should also know about some the important things about the market like-

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited at MG Marg and if you are caught smoking then you will be fined as well.
  • You need to walk while exploring the entire market because vehicles and rickshaw are not allowed.
  • You should have the capabilities of bargaining to get the required things at the best price.

Strolling this famous market will be worth of everything while staying at the best hotels in Gangtok because the real extravaganza of the capital lies here at MG Marg.

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