Safe and Hygienic Stay for Your Upcoming Trips

Safe and Hygienic Stay for Your Upcoming Trips


The global pandemic changes the lifestyle of everyone and make it necessary to take precautionary measures to fight with the virus. Every industry is facing the trouble and the world economy is coping up with the disclosures with the increase in the number of cases. But the greatest can be visualized in the hotel industry because the graph of tourism has already declined with the lock down phase. The government also put the further restriction in moving from one place to another inside the country. Every year Darjeeling attracts a huge number of tourists to feel the beauty of nature and its offerings and most of them stays at the best hotels in Darjeeling. People are getting frustrated in managing their life without going outside.

The situation can be controlled and managed properly by taking some safety measures to bring back those days. Best hotels in Darjeeling are putting their best effort into maintaining hygiene. Management and entire staffs are dealing with cleaning and disinfecting measures to welcome guests with enough prevention. Precautionary operational protocols are seriously taken over the situation and keep the situation under control. The first step taken towards the present situation is by checking the temperature of the entire staffs. If the staffs will remain healthy and fit then they will take the best care of their guest. Hotels are maintaining strict guidelines to check the travel history of their guests, body temperature and disclosures of symptoms related to COVID-19. Each of the points is managed carefully by working actively in monitoring updates from the World Health Organization.

Protocols to Keep Guests Safe

Advanced disinfection measures

The situation is very sensitive and needs the active participation of all the staffs and entire management. After the check-out of guests, the rooms are properly sanitized. Every corner including the bed sheet and ward drops are sanitized with disinfectants to maintain safety. The areas which are frequently touched like remote control and switches will ensure deep cleaning. Taking such a step will help the management to maintain safety genuinely.

best hotels in Darjeeling with advanced disinfetants

Wearing Mask is compulsory

It is better to take the preventive measure to fight with the present scenario. Things can be taken under control by dealing with the strict instructions given by the government. Wearing a mask is compulsory for both the staff and the guest. Even the management take an active part in maintaining social distancing where options like digital payment and online booking and check-out formalities are initiated for keeping the situation under control.

best hotels in Darjeeling welcome you with enough prevention

You can make your stay safe and protected by the initiative taken by the best hotels in Darjeeling. Expect to see hotel staff utilizing this futuristic-looking tool to sanitize rooms, restaurants, lobbies and other public areas.

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