5 ways to choose perfect banquet halls for a dream-like wedding!

5 ways to choose perfect banquet halls for a dream-like wedding!


'Chains do not hold a marriage together, but hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.'

Commonly known as the 'Gateway of Northeast India', Siliguri is the central city to its core. The heart of the city has some of the best locations for you to travel or have a weekend vacation.

With a vast range of various caste, creed, and religion of people, Siliguri has a lot to offer in the name of occasions and events. With some of the best wedding venues, Siliguri can pep up your occasion with great relish. What better place can be to celebrate than in the heart of Northeast India.

Best banquet halls!!

Be it food, traditions, customs and arrangements weddings stay in your memory for longer times.

If you too are planning a big fat wedding yourself then there are few of the best banquet halls in Siliguri that you must be looking at. From the most elegant hotels to fancy banquet halls, the list has the best halls to make your big day grand and memorable.

  • Mittal Gardens
  • Soubhagya Palace Banquet Hall
  • Bengal International Banquet
  • Shivam Palace
  • Chas Rajdarbar Hotel and Banquet
  • The Forresta

Your special day is around the corner and you are excited as well as anxious to make your wedding a perfect one!

Everyone has their dreams about their special day and we all want it to be just perfect. So, there is a long list of to-do things and the first thing to be taken into consideration is the wedding hall.

So, choosing the wedding hall is the ultimate game changer for you!

1. Define the budget!

When it comes planning a wedding, it includes a lot of excitement. So, you can add to the excitement by pre-planning the events. Write down all the essential elements like decoration, food, stay, and photography.

Budgeting on your expenses can help you in choosing the best wedding hall with excellent services. Budget means some expenses which can be fixed on any occasion.

  • Firstly, know the maximum amount
  • Then decide the location
  • Thirdly, look for online offers if available
  • Finally, choosing the best option within your budget

2. Evaluate the location!

After you plan out your budget, location is the essential aspect for you to consider while choosing the wedding hall.

The location should have enough space for organizing various small and big events, easily reachable, especially by the guests. It should also have enough parking space so, you must seek into the site before finalizing it.

Facilities before selecting a banquet hall!

  • It must have ample parking space
  • Provide accommodation and extra rooms for single or group stay
  • Various cuisines and food items must be available as per the request

3. Evaluating the banquet hall!

Catering services: You can always choose banquets with affordable catering services and innumerable choices of food. But there are vegetarian and non-vegetarian banquet halls. So, you must be aware of the fact otherwise all your plans might go into drains.

Size of the hall: A wedding is incomplete without the guests. Music, chit chats, dances set the celebration mood. So, whether it is any small occasion before the big day ample space is required for fun. So, looking for the capacity of the banquet hall is a must!

Safety measures: When all the people are involved in a chaotic environment, things often go wrong. To keep the mishappenings away, there are wedding venues with appropriate safety measures. So, you can be at peace of mind.

4. Decide the wedding theme!

The arrangements will start looking small, once you finalize the theme. A theme gives the wedding a start which leads to further decorations including lights and flowers.

So, a wedding theme can be traditional, fusion, rustic or royal. So, choose banquet halls according to the theme to be left with many options.

  • Traditional wedding theme: It is all about idols, flowers and magical surroundings. Instrumental music like shehnai with the feel of the flute is heavenly. In a traditional style wedding, less is more as it easily blends with ambiance and style.
  • Royal wedding theme: The colors play a vital role especially the shade of red. A royal theme is for those who want the wedding arrangements like royalties. A royal theme can be made grand with candles, folk dancers, traditional music which makes this wedding grand and royal.
  • Flower theme: Another spectacular theme for a perfect wedding is 'flower theme'. The different color tones, orchids, roses add a magical touch. With the fragrance of a flower theme, the ambiance turns out to be beautiful with simplicity and charm.

5. Booking in advance!

Once you have your wedding dates fixed, you can move with booking a hall beforehand. The availability of the halls may vary depending upon the demand of the season. Last minute bookings may lead to compromises. So, if booked in advance then you can even save a lot of money.

Leading banquet halls make sure that the guests are well-entertained and you have the best wedding of your life. So, choose wisely before you start your preparation for your D-Day!

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